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Top 10 Funniest Sounding Names of Athletes

Posted by qbert1387 on February 9th, 2012

I can remember back in school that kids can be cruel when it comes to bullying and name-calling…but can you really blame them when you make it this easy. What’s even worse is for these select few, they were in the public spotlight. These are some of the funniest names of pro athletes ever.

#10: Milton Bradley- (MLB player) You don’t need a board for this game, just an uncontrollable rage that alienates everyone around you. Coming Soon sponsored by Milton Bradley…the Law & Order game.

#9: Coco Crisp- (MLB player) I was always more of a Cocoa Pebbles fan, but whatever. I never thought I’d say this but he should have stuck to Covelli Loyce.

#8: Dick Butkus- (Hall of Fame NFL linebacker) Laugh from afar. He may be 70 yrs old but he’ll still kick your butkus.

#7: Todd Weiner- (NFL offensive lineman) Any relation to Anthony Weiner? Uh Oh…check his phone!

#6: Picabo Street- (Olympic Skier) Google maps has this street somewhere in Amsterdam.

#5: J.J. Putz- (MLB player) He says it’s pronounced like the word “puts”…what a Putz.

#4: God Shammgod- (former U. of Providence basketball player) And you thought LeBron had hype and pressure to deal with.

#3: Dick Trickle- (racing legend) Wash your hands twice dude.

#2: Ron Tugnutt- (former NHL goalie) Famous for his tuck and roll maneuver.

#1: Lucious Pusey- (former Eastern Illinois linebacker) …I’m not making this up. Congratulations Lucious, I guess. You have the funniest name in sports history!!

Honorable Mentions: 1) Metta World Peace [Ron Artest]
2) Chad Ochocinco [Chad Johnson]
These two are honorably mentioned because although their names are REDICULOUS, those aren’t their real names. God Bless America!

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